Floppy Totaal, the recurring festival for contemporary floppy disk culture, returns with a two-day program that coincides with the release of their brand new book 'Floppy Disk Fever'.

Following a corona induced break Floppy Totaal returns with a two-day program that coincides with the release of their brand new book Floppy Disk Fever, which will be published by Onomatopee. The 2022 edition of Floppy Totaal will focus on the artists that are presented and interviewed within this publication. On Friday, the 16th there will be presentations and conversations with the HomeComputerMuseum, Scene World and Lori Emerson (through stream).

Saturday, the 17th is reserved for musical performances by XCOPY, Agnès Pé, ?BREAK ERROR and Toxic Chicken. These concerts are preceded by the official book launch of ‘Floppy Disk Fever’, which includes a conversation between the editors of the book (Niek Hilkmann and Thomas Walskaar) and floppy enthusiasts Aymeric Mansoux, Florian Cramer and Lídia Pereira.

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Niek Hilkmann

Thomas Walskaar


Agnès Pe


Toxic Chicken

Lori Emerson

Aymeric Mansoux

Florian Cramer

Lídia Pereira

Scene World


16 September 2022 – Talks & Presentations

Start event: 20:30

Entrance: Free

17 September 2022 – Music & Book Launch

Start event: 20:30

Entrance: 8 euro

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A second 2019 Floppy Totaal event took place at Varia, the center of everyday technology. During "Floppy Totaal: Double Density" there was a live recording and publishing workshop by Floppy Kick Records in the afternoon. The subsequent evening program was filled to the brim with performances by Kisszántó and Eoforwine, presentations and conversations with Joak and Jason Scott, and a long distance contribution by Michael Ridge.

The emphasis of the evening lay on the concept of the floppy disk as comfort food in a "future/present shocked" digital age. In what way does working with floppy disks help us cope in a time preoccupied with "new" media and planned obsolescence? Does the floppy disk hold more content than just 1,44 MB of data? The discussion was summarized in a report which can be found over here:

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Floppy Totaal returned in 2019 as a research project. We visited WORM, the institute of avant-gardistic recreation, once again for a new event entirely and specifically devoted to floppy disk music. During this occassion, which is dubbed 'Floppy Totaal: Magnetic Flux', we took a look at the various ways in which recording artists and music labels utilize floppy disks to produce, share and distribute their music.

Floppy artists Adam Frankiewicz from Pionierska Records and Floppy Not New(s), Sascha Müller and Remute showcased their views during a two part program consisting of workshops, talks and performances. What are the benefits of distributing music on a medium which most people don't have access to nowadays? And what can floppy disks teach us when we consider them as an alternative to a music scene that is dominated by streaming services and constant access? These and many more questions were discussed! A full report of the day can be found over here:

Read the Report

After a one year hiatus Floppy Totaal returned in 2017 as a 48 hour long, two-day festival with contributions from across the globe, showcasing recent developments in the field of obsolescent media art by means of lectures, workshops, performances and installations.

This third edition of the festival consisted of two free afternoon programs presented at the WORM Pirate Bay in Rotterdam, in collaboration with the Motel Mozaïque festival. This was followed by a Sunday evening floppy cabaret at the WORM Filmhaus. During the afternoons participants were able to join an in-depth floppy video workshop by Florian Cramer and/or compose 1 bit compositions on their pocket calculators with Irrlicht Project (aka. utz). Furthermore, it was possible to copy one's very own floppy at the Wrieuw Recordings floppy music booth and check out a floppy exhibition that included rare floppies from the Foone archive and work by Silvio Lorusso and Dennis de Bel.

To cap off Floppy Totaal v3.0 there was an exclusive floppy cabaret comprised of lectures, performances and concerts. The full line-up consisted of Florian Cramer, Sascha Müller, Pancake Promises, Thomas Walskaar, Aymeric Mansoux, Holy Void, The C-Men, Lídia Pereira, O900 Isopod, Silvio Lorusso, Jason Scott, The Cryovolcano, Dennis de Bel and Niek Hilkmann.

The need for a regular doses of lo-bit art and entertainment became very apparent after the initial Floppy Totaal festival in 2014. That is why a second edition already followed in the year that followed it. This event took place at WORM, Rotterdam and functioned as a showcase of the current state of contemporary floppy disk culture in 2015. Floppy Totaal v2.0 edition included a floppy video workshop by Florian Cramer, video work by Kai Nabuko (Yeah, I Know it Sucks) and live performances by Irrlicht Project and Back to the Fucking Future (Diskette Etikette).

The first edition of Floppy Totaal as a festival took place at WORM, Rotterdam in 2014. This first incarnation aimed to highlight the various floppy music labels that just hit the scene around this time. It was freely accessible to any visitor carrying a floppy disk. The program included live performances and talks by Rainbow Valley, Sascha Müller and Florian Cramer, a Floppy film program with worm by Ogon Uru, Apatt en Jan Miversen and long-distance contributions by Floppy Kick Records, Bass-O-Matic, Eoforwine and Dr. Kondor.

Floppy Disk Fever is supported by The book is published through Onomatopee