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The Library of Babel

The project was a response to a brief set by The International Society of Typographic Designers to create a typographic project on the theme of “everything about one thing.”

My response to this brief discussed the theme of “Bit-Rot” aka Data Decay with the starting point focussing on the obsolescence of the floppy disk.

Bit-Rot is something most people aren't aware of, but in a digital age this is a really interesting and urgent topic. Most people don't realize how unstable digital media is for storing information from a long term perspective.

“You can read a book that's 200 years old, but you can't read a computer file that was created five years ago”

The format is based on the dimensions of the 8-inch floppy disk with the main body copy from the short story “The Library of Babel” by Jorge Luís Borges; a short story about a library which contains every story ever written and that ever will be written and how they are stored.

I illustrated the book by corrupting the text based on research of how corrupted files appear in a word processor.

Everything about one thing from Walska on Vimeo.