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Cinekid - Unfold


How do you document a "off-line" festival online? As part of a five month project while working at The Publishing Lab, I was part of a small team developing a concept for a online platform.

Inspired by the offline festival “Cinekid for Professionals”, which was held at Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam from 14 October to 20 October 2016. The goal is to digitalise the essential concept behind the artworks presented at the festival and the feedback that we received from kids and professionals alike. We, the PublishingLab team, captured the festival, collecting images, making videos and interviewing artists who presented their artworks at the Cinekid Medialab.

We studied the interaction between the artworks and the people, the possibilities of various technologies we aim to dive in, and the future of all things digital, which affect our daily lives. We were inspired by the artworks displayed at the Cinekid Medialab, and came up with the idea to design a few webpages in the form of games, which interact with the user. Some of the games are inspired by a separate artwork and all of them are developed in order to provide information in the most playful manner.

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Cinekid Unfold is part of a larger project, comprising of a set of articles in the blog Enter the Writers, published on the Cinekid website. Inspired by the themes and topic of the blogs, the writers further wrote essays for the print publication of the project.

This publication is part of the project “Cinekid Unfold”, realized for the dutch new media festival Cinekid, and created in collaboration with PublishingLab (Amsterdam) and Domein voor Kunstkritiek.

The PublishingLab team is composed of Fabiola Fortuna (IT), Janne van Hooff (NL), Latika Meelu (IN) and Thomas Walskaar (NO).