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Floppy Totaal is the first festival in the world entirely devoted to contemporary floppy disk culture and art. Starting out as a singular event in 2014, it is now a two-day international festival with contributors from across the globe showcasing recent developments in the field by means of lectures, workshops, performances and installations. It is the perfect opportunity to learn all about the unlimited potential of the floppy disk within experimental publication, video and music!


Niek Hilkmann

Niek Hilkmann (1989, NL) is a twenty-first century polymath with a background in art history, media design, musicology and natural history. Besides being resposible for various music and media-archaeological events at WORM, the institute of avant-gardistic recreation in Rotterdam, he is the curator of 'De Grote Hoop', an historical film program dedicated to obscure Dutch film, and the founder of multimedial theatre collective 'The Burning Cat'. Within his work he focuses on the grey areas between (uncontrollable, or unexplainable) human behaviour and the dry, often pseudo-scientific methods that try to justify, or explain them. In other words, on how humanity tries (and fails) to keep a grip on a world increasingly in thrall to a systematic production of knowledge and technology.

Thomas Walskaar

Thomas Walskaar (1986, NO) is a graphic designer and researcher. He has a Masters in Media Design and Communication from The Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam and a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from Ravensbourne in London. His personal interests revolve around frailty of storage technology, and the importance of the individual to store with caution. He recently published a book My Hard-Drive Died Along With My Heart"