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Floppy Totaal 2019

Coming 2019

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Florian Cramer Sascha Muller - Jason Scott / Archive.org Pancake Promises / Pancake Promises - “Psychedelic Radiator” Thomas Walskaar and Jason Curtis (Museum Of Obsolete Media) XPUB / DE PLAYER Holy Void The C-Men Lidia Pereira - O900 Isopod / Track and Betting The Cryovolcano Silvio Lorusso and Alessio D'Ellena Dennis de Bel Niek Hilkmann


Michael Ridge, Irrlicht Project, Kai Nabuko, Niek Hilkmann [2] Florian Cramer [2], and Back to the Fucking Future

Floppy Totaal 2.0 – A review


Rainbow Valley, Sascha Müller [2], Bass-O-Matic, Eoforwine, Niek Hilkmann [2], Dr. Kondor and Florian Cramer [2]

Floppy Totaal (The Floppy Diskette Festival) / report/