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Why Use Billions For A Voyage To Mars?

For my final major project at Ravensbourne I wanted to inform people about the benefits of space travel and why it is important. I wanted to do this in an easy and accessible way and therefore I did this in a form of tabloid newspaper.

For my content, I used the letter “Why Space?” written by Ernst Stuhlinger that he wrote after receiving a letter from Sister Mary Jucunda in Zambia, Africa, asking how billions of dollars could be spent on space research when many children around the World were starving to death, at the time of the first Moon landings.

The newspaper's front page is designed to encourage you to pick it up and unfold it in order to be able to read the whole message; to find out what “why use billions for a" really means.

All space images are in black and white and all of the Earth imagery is in colour to show the contrast of Earth and Space.