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The Degree Show 14

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Every year Ravensbourne holds a big show that shows off all of the graduate students' work and celebrates the students and staff. In 2014 the focus was on holding a show that lasted a week, with a live TV broadcast and over 3000 industry guests held at the university building.

For the visual look of the show I wanted to develop a subtle brand identity, something that wouldn’t interfere with visitor's experience. I wanted guests to wander freely, rather than have a prescribed route, looking at all of the stands and enabling open discussions with the students. The brand needed to work across a range of different platforms including print, web, apps and broadcasting.

The shapes were slightly inspired by the Penrose pattern that Ravensbournes uses for its own branding, this was done to connect the show closer to Ravensbourne's own branding, but to still be different.

Brand Guidelines PDF

Brand Values

1. Collaboration: Collaboration between the courses is at the centre of the brand.

2. Evolving: The branding is not static, and is always adapting and changing over time; echoing the change of profession over time.

3.Future-Facing: The show is all about the future and not the past, this shows the use of technology in the building is reflected in the brand.

Lift Signs: Vinyl signs with the floor plan for the show on the inside the lifts. All of the floors that the lifts goes to are in bold.